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Three Reasons every adult should train at South Miami Taekwondo

1. South Miami Taekwondo Helps You Lose Weight and Improve Your Overall Health:

One of the main tenants of Taekwondo is respect for one's body. Yes we work the mind and spirit, but without the body the mind and spirit have no home. You can expect major changes in your body with our classes. You'll burn tons of calories, build muscle, and in general, get your metabolism kicked into high gear. Our workouts are a great way to help you shed those unwanted pounds. Additionally, you'll reshape your body. Your arms, legs, and waistline are going to become more toned. Stick with it long enough and you may even develop those six-pack abs everyone longs for! Our Taekwondo program will also dramatically improve your cardiovascular health. Your resting heart rate will come down and your ability to maintain an increased heart rate will increase. You'll breathe better, sleep better, and even feel an increase in energy and effectiveness all day long. You may even discover you're more resistant to colds and flu. Plus even when you do become sick, your recovery time will be better than ever.

2. South Miami Taekwondo instills Positive Attitudes and Develops Self-Confidence:

Our programs are positive and inspirational. We'll keep you motivated and thinking about progress and goals. Our staff and students are all success oriented and focused on looking for the good in all situations. You can expect to go home from class with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. This creates in your spirit a fertile environment for the development of self-confidence. You'll be encouraged to take chances, to push yourself further than you ever thought possible. The success you experience through our program helps you realize that you can be successful at anything if you truly believe you can. Improved confidence leads to better performance at work, a better circle of friends, better performance in sports and in extracurricular activities in general. Your improved self-confidence will help you deal with all of life's challenges with a more positive outlook.

3. South Miami Taekwondo Teaches Self-Defense:

South Miami Taekwondo teaches two forms of self-defense. One is physical - you will improve yours strength, flexibility, and overall health. Additionally, you will learn to strike with tremendous power and effectiveness. Hopefully, you will never need to fight... but should the occasion arise, shouldn't everyone know how to protect themselves? The second form of self-defense South Miami Taekwondo teaches is internal. First of all, your new demeanor of confidence and composure will tend to steer thugs in another direction before even deciding to start trouble. Furthermore, our students learn to spot danger and avoid dangerous people, places and activities. We will help you avoid the need for a physical confrontation. This second form of self-defense is perhaps the most valuable of the two. Remember:

Martial Arts are less about learning to fight others, and more about fighting one's self - overcoming our own self-imposed limitations.

In Zen terms, this is called "enlightenment." I often say "the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." With the intensity of our adult program, you'll soon find that the rest of life gets the volume turned down. When just last night you sparred 10 different men 5 different times each, sweating, bleeding, concentrating on protecting your space and getting in his - and you lived through it - come on - how much anxiety can a pushy man with a briefcase really bring you. Whatever he's got in store for you, you'll know you can handle it deep down inside your soul - and I guarantee you he will know it too!

But don't just take my word for it. I personally invite you to our academy to visit class free of charge with no strings attached. I guarantee that if you can make it through our training program, you'll be carved out of wood - inside and out!

Grand Master Jeff Wade

No Contracts

Miami Martial Arts classes are rarely joined without a contract. But not us. Since the beginning, we've done it without contracts. We want people who WANT to be here, not disgruntled students trying to eat up a contract. That being said, we do offer extreme discounts for prepaid months. Find out about our prepaid packages!

Unlimited Classes

One thing you'll never hear at THIS Miami Martial Arts school is "You can't train today." No. You train whenever you like, every single class, every single day. The only thing you'll ever hear US say is "Where were you yesterday? Train MORE!"