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Trial Month Deal - $89

If you're looking for Miami Martial Arts classes, it's very important to take a careful look before you leap. Miami has a wonderful diverse culture. But with this huge population comes both variety and the inevitable shucksters. Best to try and get a free trial class or two so you can see what you're going to buy. But sometimes, even a free trial class is just not enough. Our Trial Month package allows you to enjoy the benefits of full membership for an entire month. That way you get a thorough understanding of what—and whom, exactly—you're dealing with. Here's the best part: If you decide to sign up, YOU GET THE PRICE OF THE TRIAL MONTH CREDITED BACK TO YOUR ACCOUNT! That way, the month ends up being completely free. And if you decide it's not for you, you're only out 89 bucks—and you have a uniform and a month's worth of martial arts training under your belt.

Earned that Yellow Belt!

Here's how it works:

  • New prospects only: The Trial Month Deal is a great value, but in order to be eligible, it must be your ONLY trial. It's of course fine for one to visit for one or two free trial classes - but after that, they are no longer eligible for an online trial deal package.

  • One package, One time only: If you do one package, you're no longer eligible for the other or a repeat of the first.

  • Who's Eligible: Any non-member of the dojo, for dragons (3-6 year olds) or regular class (7 to adult).

  • What to Do: Simply purchase your package here, then come to the dojo during any class to start your trial month. You may want to come early in order to have time to size your uniform (most times, people end up trying on several) and just get acclimated to the environment.

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