Master Your Life

We practice martial arts for the betterment of the individual. Through blood, sweat and tears, we master our lives. Whether it's kicking in Taekwondo, or blending energy in Aikido - or smiling as the Tiny Tigers and Lil' Dragons stumble bumble through their excercises - we all work our hardest - pushing one another, encouraging one another, helping one another - holding one another accountable. We are South Miami Martial Arts. We are family.

This is the best damn martial arts school I've ever attended. My kid is 9 years old, and already a senior in college... because of Taekwondo.

Yes, you too can have a precocious little genius... if you bring them to South Miami Martial Arts. We kick ass. We just DO.

No Contracts

Miami Martial Arts classes are rarely joined without a contract. But not us. Since the beginning, we've done it without contracts. We want people who WANT to be here, not disgruntled students trying to eat up a contract. That being said, we do offer extreme discounts for prepaid months. Find out about our prepaid packages!

Unlimited Classes

One thing you'll never hear at THIS Miami Martial Arts school is "You can't train today." No. You train whenever you like, every single class, every single day. The only thing you'll ever hear US say is "Where were you yesterday? Train MORE!"